september, 2023

  •   My anual update is very similar to last year. I am again adopting out listings but I feel this list is managable and I'm happy with my progress with this space. Of course my priorites are not with this web site or listings right now but I'm happy to keep the ones that are still here. I also managed to clean up my affiliates page as some websites have closed down or I couldn't find the new link. If I by chance removed your listing from affiliates and you are still running your site please reach out to artistic.fanlistings{@}gmail.com :)

  • october 26, 2022

  •   I am adopting out a lot of listings, the goal is to have 30-35 listings. I feel that would be manageable since I have a baby now. I was thinking of closing all of them but I want to keep this hobby alive as much asI can. I made a post in the forums for all listings up for grabs and a good hand full is already being worked on by other owners. I'm very appreciative to all the people who want to keep these listings alive. I did open / adopted them because I'm a fan.

  • october 5, 2020

  •   We have three new listings in our bank for Julia Stiles, John Goodman and the zodiac sign Virgo (which is my personal sun sign so it's close to the heart lol) ! In the next few weeks I'll be working on a new list for adoptions making sure the Artistic-Shadow listing database is streamlined. I am also not too thrilled about a few layouts so I'll be working on a few more in the upcoming month. Spooky season is my favorite so the updates will be few and far between as I will try to enjoy this time with my hubby.

  • july 31, 2020

  •   Adoptions are closed but I will be doing another review over the winter break. Several listings got a face lift like Samantha Micelli, DJ Tanner, Joey Tribbiani! In the next few weeks I'll be working on updating a few more layouts.

  • april 4, 2020

  •   Artistic Shadow collective got a little bit of a face lift, I finally changed the layout

  • march 6, 2020

  •   I chose to put several listings up for adoption, please check out THIS PAGE to see if you might be interested