october 5, 2020

  •   We have three new listings in our bank for Julia Stiles, John Goodman and the zodiac sign Virgo (which is my personal sun sign so it's close to the heart lol) ! In the next few weeks I'll be working on a new list for adoptions making sure the Artistic-Shadow listing database is streamlined. I am also not too thrilled about a few layouts so I'll be working on a few more in the upcoming month. Spooky season is my favorite so the updates will be few and far between as I will try to enjoy this time with my hubby.

  • july 31, 2020

  •   Adoptions are closed but I will be doing another review over the winter break. Several listings got a face lift like Samantha Micelli, DJ Tanner, Joey Tribbiani! In the next few weeks I'll be working on updating a few more layouts.

  • april 4, 2020

  •   Artistic Shadow collective got a little bit of a face lift, I finally changed the layout

  • march 6, 2020

  •   I chose to put several listings up for adoption, please check out THIS PAGE to see if you might be interested