This site has been on the server since 2006 however it used to be on which is currently a redirect website for my photography business When I started the site it was meant to be a personal space but grew into a buisness so I opened a sub section 'yevgeniya' to keep that private personal things and some fun listings I was into. At this point it's pretty much just a collective, I might add to the web site and add some personal things eventually.

Before I changed this site to the sub section Yevgeniya I had other names like 'Artistic Kiss' and 'Artistic Shadow'


Here are some old layouts this site has had, yes most seem very cringy to me now but at the time and for the time they were amazing :)
Verson 1
Verson 2
Verson 3
Verson 4
Verson 5
Verson 6
Verson 7
Verson 8
Verson 9
Verson 10
Verson 11
Verson 12