You have stumbled on my personal site. My name is Yevgeniya and originaly I'm from Russia. I've lived in New York City for 15 years, first in Brooklyn and now in Queens. My college SVA is like my second home where I major in Graphic Design ( can you tell? )! I really just enjoy walking around or getting a mocha at starbucks. Hang out with my firends at Central Park. Shopping with my mom or friends. One of my absolute favorite things to do is visit museums. The Metropolitan Museum is amazing, I always find new work there, its huge. My favorite type of art is from the European 1800 time. I also love do draw and paint myself, I also do a bit of sculpting. Some of my work can be viewed on Artistic-Shadow.Net


  This site was created with Photoshop CS2 and Macromedia HomeSite +. I had used standard fonts from my computer, my own stock photo and a texture I had created myself.


MAY 29, 2009: I don't update this much as you all can see but I made Luminocity part of this site now. It's all my awards here instead of a seperate website which is more comfortable and another folder deleted off the main server.

JULY 06, 2007: I have a new look, cut down a lot of stuff which was not needed. Now this site is a very short version of who I am ... I recently realized I don't want a huge personal site. Just a few touches here and there ... I'll be working on my flinx and awards sections a bit this summer.

OCTOBER 30, 2006: I've made several clean up's on link pages. I had a few broken things around.

SEPTEMBER 07, 2006: Man its been a while, I just added more photos and fixed up the brush downloads. I dont feel like updating this space much but just watch out for new stuff every once in a blue moon lol

MAY 14, 2006: I have added NORA to my affiliates list, its a pretty cool blog site and she hosts too so everyone who needs a host could check her out but I think she only supports blog sites. I have also recently updated INSIDE THE LINES with new challenges and working on getting LIGHT FIXATION up this morning. Wish me luck, I'll need it.

MAY 01, 2006: If you are looking for Midnite Mist you are at the right place. Dont worry still the same person just a new fresh look for the site and some new content. I felt that change was due and after a nice 3 months of working on this space I can be happy with the design, feel and all the results I've achieved :)

FEBRUARY 23, 2006: I had started working on my personal revamp. To not only make over my site but to make over my career, mind set, soul and dreams. A few months worth of changes coming up.